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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time of year that is better for planting?

In our climate and thanks to container grown plant material. we are able to plant all year long as long as there is a source for watering the plantings. If you want to know the ideal time for planting I would say it is during the dormant season. For renovations it is best to work in the dormant season because plants transplant better when dormant. Also, some large trees cannot be moved when actively growing. For some projects destined for summer plantings we will have the large material dug in the spring and hold it under irrigation until the project is ready for trees.

Do you grow your own plants?

We are not growers. We buy our plant material from wholesale growers all over the Southeast. Plants are ordered on a per job basis so the plants are in top condition from the grower when the come to us.

What if I don't like the design when you've finished it?
Preliminary plans are produced and the client is called to review the drawing and to approve or choose direction.

The most important part of the design process is the interview. It is the job of the landscape designer to develop an understanding of the client and the relationship of the client to the property. How the property is used and viewed by the client will come out in the interview. The likes and dislikes of the client down to individual plants will be discussed and noted. The preliminary plan is reviewed before final draft. I have had clients change some things more to their liking on the final plan but the changes are minor. The basic design will be a reflection of the owners taste, the architecture of the building, and the beauty of existing features on the property.

Do I really need an automatic irrigation system ?

Some small residential properties, one half acre or less. can get by without an automatic sprinkler system if the owner is a diligent gardener; but, 99 percent of the time, we install an automatic system. The difference in the growth and health of the plantings makes it well worth the cost to install a system. The cost of the system figured over the life of the system makes it a real value.

How often should I water?

An established garden should be watered deeply twice weekly. In cases of severe drought you may have to go to three times a week. Our general instructions for plantings established 2 months or longer in fairly well drained soil during the growth season is:

During wet, cool season once a week is adequate.

Watering to establish newly installed plants is different. New plantings, particularly lawns, need to be watered every day until the roots begin to grow down. Generally it's every day for two weeks, then wean it back to every other day for a week or two. After that you go to three times a week for a week or two. Then you treat it as established as explained in the first paragraph.

An important reminder: There is a great deal of variation in soil types and drainage availability on sites. A project should be carefully monitored when setting a watering pattern. Excessive wetness is a serious problem in any garden.

Do you do maintenance?

No, we do not perform routine maintenance on any properties. We are specialized in design, installation, and renovation. We do give clear instructions on how to maintain a property upon completion of the project and can suggest some companies to call for maintenance quotes.

Can you just spruce this property up without a plan?

We rarely do a project without a plan. Even a property that seems only to need refurbishing will be greatly enhanced if carefully considered under the creative eye of a good landscape designer. Again the money spent on having a plan drawn is well worth the cost. A property designed by a person who understands how the plantings will look after years of growth will always stand out above the others.

Does the landscape design fee that I pay you go toward the installation of my work?

No, the design of a project and the installation of a project are two separate processes. Both take time and materials. Both require specialized training. Both are well worth the price we charge for them.